Online Training On Demand

You can select and book any of our online training sessions right from this page.
Select from the list what you would like to do, and book right from your device / computer at a time that suits you.

These sessions are one-on-one via video conferencing.*

*Unless by arrangement.

You will be invoiced and payment is required 48 hours in advance to keep your booking

● Suggested Booking Plans.

•Full Implementation; We take you from 0 to hero in 4-5 sessions.
Preliminary, Session 1,2 & 3. And a follow up session.
•Partial Implementation; This is where you know lots and need some assistance in getting the best out of your job management system. Suggested Session 1 & 2.
•Specialised Sessions for leading hands, admin staff and general hands.
Everyone is onboard together.

● Job Management Systems PRELIMINARY Online Session.

In this session, with you, we set up the job management system chosen with staff roles, staff permissions,job statuses, document templates, job templates, price lists and multi-item price kits, job templates, recurring jobs, scheduling automation and much more depending on the job management system selected.

● Job Management Systems Integration Online Sessions.

You either know IT like the back of your had and just want some assistance in getting it right. Our skilled trainers will assess your current position and use of your software and provide valuable insights of how it cold be much better managed.

● Jamf. Online Setup and Training.

In these sessions we will be registering all your company owned devices that will allow you total control of the content of the device and what apps you allow. Apps can be pushed to the devices by you and users may be unable to install anything that is not allowed by company policy. Block time wasting non-productive apps like facebook and other unwanted sites.

● G-Suite Online Sessions.

This is complete setup and training on G-site and its components. Background work will be done to get your emails, files and forms shared across all your devices. You will reqire a domain name e.g. (We will arrange this if you do not have one for an additional charge) and professionally, all mail will be branded like,

● Toolbox / Support.

Make the most of this half hour to cover all your pressing points. Book it once a month for ongoing support and catch-up.