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Business Development

Getting it together

The first place to start is reviewing your procedures and how you get the job done.

· Can I put my hands on anything I need?
· How is the staff communicating?
· Do I have processes and procedures in place?
· Do my jobs all 'end well'?
· Are my employees happy and confident?
· Is time wasted on the job by calls and texts?

If you have bits of information around your jobs in all sorts of places you are probably missing out on opportunities and not having costs applied to your jobs effectively.

· Do you miss charging clients because the supplier invoice was lost?
· Does your cash flow suffer because your invoicing is time poor?
· Do you quote on time, or does it take a week to get back to the client?
· Are you aware of updates to your suppliers prices?
· Do you enjoy a growing client base?

Thinking of selling your business? Is it ready to hand over? Would it be a simple procedure or fraught with difficulties? Why are you selling?

Implementing job management systems will not only make hand over a breeze, it also will demonstrate a level of transparency around your business that will impress the buyers so much, you might wonder why you are selling in the first place!

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